Here is what our parents have to say about Topsail Montessori

“Topsail Montessori has been amazing! My daughter is currently in Kindergarten but she started in Stepping Stones at age 2. The teachers encourage our kids to be their independent little selves. In my own personal experience, this speaks to the kindness of the staff: when my husband passed away suddenly, the school went out of their way to assist us and ensure that my daughter was supported emotionally (she was 3). And the families were incredibly kind to us as well, which speaks to the level of support that the school families have for others in the community. The staff and teachers are second to none, and I will be keeping my daughter here for as long as possible because I believe she is gaining the best education. She is thriving here! I absolutely recommend Topsail Montessori. You won’t be disappointed.”

Sarrah Roberts

“Sending our son to Topsail Montessori has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! This very unique environment has given him the opportunity to expand his socialization skills, communication skills and global development! He adores his teacher, and we are so thankful for her patience, love, kindness and support as he made this big transition to school. He truly loves his all his new friends and most importantly the amazing staff helping him to grow and become the strong, independent and capable child he is! We are forever grateful and appreciative of all of you!”

Lindsey and Randy Elliott

“This has been such a great experience for our family. My two boys love school and are learning to love learning. Hands-on, teacher-guided but student-led, quality materials, intentional and involved teachers and wonderful community are just the start to describe Topsail Montessori!”

Leah Bussert

“My son attends this school and it has been a wonderful experience! Caring teachers, great curriculum, and most importantly, a place where each child is celebrated for their own uniqueness!”

Sharon Peterson

“We are thrilled with our experience at Topsail Montessori. The hands-on, unique learning includes enriching and meaningful lessons where students are immersed in a classroom community that strives for academic excellence, fosters creativity and inspires joyful learning each day. We would highly recommend this educational experience.”

Sarah McIntosh

“Topsail Montessori has truly become our second family. We enrolled our daughter in the summer program to get a feel for Montessori learning. We loved the program so much we decided to enroll for the whole school year. This school is beautiful inside and out. The children are deeply respected by the staff. If you are looking for a close-knit school that encourages curiosity, independence, and freedom this is your place!”

LCPL Perdue

“Topsail Montessori for the last few year and we can’t say enough positive things about our experience. Our family has the good fortune of being able to speak to the Stepping Stones, Primary and early elementary experience. We love the culture and environment at the school and how it nurtures our boys to enjoy learning while also building confidence and independence. We especially like the child-led but teacher supported philosophy of Montessori that emphasizes individuality for each student.”

Emily Katzman

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