This summer, our campers will investigate and make sense of the world around them through interactive, sensory experiences! Using hands-on learning, collaborative and independent exploration, artistic projects and cultural lessons, the children will hone their ability to act with agency in the natural world.

Early Childhood Program - Children ages 3-6 will investigate and make sense of the world around them through sensory experiences. 

Elementary Program - Children ages 5 1/2 -10 will engage in hands-on learning, independent exploration, artistic programs, and cultural lessons. 

How to Pay

Checks are payable to Topsail Montessori and should be sent to 301 Whitebridge Rd. Hampstead, NC 28443

 Payment Schedule:

  • Full payment for all camps in the month of June is due by May 15.
  • Full payment for all camps in the month of July is due by June 15.
  • Full payment for all camps in the month of August is due by July 15.

Pricing For Weekly Camps

Full-Day 8:15 – 3:15

5-day week: $300

4-day week: $240


Extended-Day 7:30 – 5:30

5-day week: $375

4-day week: $300

How To Apply

Submit your application online here

If you are unable to submit your application please call the school for assistance.

Once your camp registration is complete and all required paperwork has been submitted, you will receive an email invoice for camp fees and a $30 application processing fee.


Muds and Buds June 12th-16th

Campers will explore the potential beneath our feet as they learn about the properties and components of soil.  Natural minerals and chemicals will be brought to life as children work in the garden, analyze the soil, and create compost tea to support our plants. Campers will also study farming practices in ancient civilizations as they create their own irrigation systems. Finally, we will learn how welcoming mud can be as the children create model cob dwellings.


Archi-Texture June 19th-23rd

This week, we will dive into a study of animal characteristics and their role in shaping the technology of the modern world. Children will see birds as the earliest aviators, beavers as amazing architects and bees as nature’s finest mathematicians. Through STEM activities and hands-on building projects, children will appreciate the order and sequence of the environment.


A Taste of Summer June 26th-June 30

Campers will practice culinary arts as they learn plant identification and use. We will treat ourselves to the foods from our garden and learn about the crops that are successful in our local climate. Cultural lessons will teach children how indigenous people farmed sustainably and how environmentally-friendly growing practices are nutritionally beneficial. Focusing on bread as the culinary foundation of many societies, we will complete our week with a yeast study to learn about the chemistry of this amazing fungus.

Sensible Scents2

Sensible Scents July 3rd-7th

This week will spark creativity through the delicious smells of nature!  Campers will learn about how spices were a driving force behind globalization and learn about barter and trade practices. Campers will create their own deliciously scented market goods as they make candles and soap with essential oils they extracted themselves.

You are welcome here website photo

You Are Welcome “Hear” July 10th-14th

Campers will practice auditory discrimination as they engage with the musical instruments of the world and play collaborative games. Inquiry-based lessons will teach children about acoustics and they will test this knowledge through creating their own musical instruments. This program aims to hone children’s listening skills in order to create wise and discerning members of society.


Of All the Felt I’ve Ever Felt July 17th-21st

This week will focus on the fibers of the world and their different properties. As children explore how plant and animal fibers are processed and made into fabric, they will gain a cultural understanding of the evolution of clothing. Older campers will be given the opportunity to create their own drop spindle and make wool yarn from start to finish.

Pigments of the Imagination

Pigments of the Imagination July 24th-28th

Building upon the previous session, campers will learn about the chemistry of color. Through the scientific method, children will predict the color of dye that will be created by a plant or pigment. During this process, they can explore the limits of natural dying. Through using mordants (chemical agents), the children will learn how fixative compounds are needed with many natural dyes and pigment-resistant fibers. Studying color changes will naturally lead into a chemistry lesson on natural pH indicators and pH testing.


Creative “Eye”deas July 31st- August 4th

Through studying artists and art techniques, campers will see the world in full color!  They will  learn techniques that make a flat surface appear to be three dimensional as they experiment with color, line, shape and texture. Focusing on sustainability, students will learn that what was once trash can become treasure. Our student artists will engage with sustainable practices as they create with recycled materials and do scavenger hunts in nature for their supplies.


“Pond”er Nature August 7th-10th

The closing week of our summer programming will engage the children in water play in a way that is certainly not “watered-down.”  Through understanding the basics of the water cycle, students will learn about water testing, water filtration, and environmental sustainability. Buoyancy, viscosity and  particle size are just some of the concepts that will be explored in this session as we try to beat the heat!

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